‘Once I get that good vibe, I can get anything done.’


The above quote addresses everything I do in my life. For example, in my role as a tennis coach, I like to see how young talent developed. As a songwriter, I get spontaneous inspiration when I hear a great vibe in a demo, while I write a text and melody. Or if I play some chords on my guitar and I can already hear the vocal melody in my head. I try to catch people’s attention by telling a story. Also on stage as an artist, I want to put down a vibe that makes people quiet. I would like to do that on television too, bringing a good story. As a reporter at a big tennis event, sports specialist at entertainment shows, as a backstage reporter at talent shows or in a travel program. Every day I put my talents in order to achieve my goals. And especially with the purpose of being happy in everything I do. Welcome to my site, here you will find everything there is to know about me.


Elke Tiel

ELKE TIEL | welkom op mijn site

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